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Our commitments

Notre management


The Doublet group’s management style places people at the heart of the company, encourages initiative, making internal hierarchy as flexible as possible. This management philosophy revolves around four key ideas:

Planarchy : The notion of replacing hierarchy with task sharing across departments, on a project-by-project basis. We place great emphasis on taking responsibility and initiative.

Openness : Involving everyone is essential for our team members’ motivation and well-being.

Accessibility : The family feel within the company and the open-plan offices encourage everyone to work together more closely, with increased access to colleagues.

Trust : Doublet recruits a diverse range of varied profiles and encourages its teams to have a sense of responsibility..

Nos valeurs


ENtHoUSiASm Team spirit, dynamism and efficiency

ResPecTOur clients, deadlines, quality, and the environment

InNoVAtIoN aNd CRéATiVIty In all our products and services

A TasTE FOR enTrEPRisE Constantly moving forward

Siege social atypique

Our unique headquarters

204 steel tubes, 52 tonnes of double glazing, 1800 m² of open office space and a total height of 28 metres. The tallest habitable European pyramid is where the Doublet group set up its headquarters and workshops (printing and welding) in the 1980s. The building was designed to have a low eco footprint by making use of solar energy and ground source heat pumps.

A fan of science-fiction, Luc Doublet named the pyramid Algernon IV in honour of Daniel Keyes’ novel « Flowers for Algernon ». The sculpture outside symbolises the company’s belief in man’s supremacy over technology and machines acting merely as a means of adding value to hum

Quite unique in the north of France, the building is a physical depiction of the structuralism, – the principle that all structures within the company should be transparent and promote communication between staff, that inspired the company’s management philosophy. Valuing our people is the most important thing for us at Doublet, as proven by the special training room at the very top of the pyramid and the open office design throughout the building.

Notre responsabilité

Environmental Responsibility

Doublet s'engage ! Depuis toujours, Doublet innove et conçoit des produits pour répondre au mieux aux attentes de ses clients. La qualité n’étant pas le seul enjeu à prendre en compte, Doublet a défini les axes majeurs qui fondent sa démarche environnementale commune à l’ensemble du groupe.

Eco-friendly: At Doublet, we have always innovated and designed our products to best meet our clients’ needs. However, quality is not the only challenge to tackle. We have also outlined key focuses for the entire group’s environmental approach.

Design: Favouring recycled or recyclable materials. Developing eco-innovation.

Energy : Regularly measuring energy expenditure. Replacing old machinery. Reducing ink levels.

Manufacture : Imprim’Vert (French eco-friendly printing) certification. Using non-toxic, solvent-free and zero-VOC inks.

Waste : Collecting and sorting all office and workshop waste. Raising awareness about recycling among staff. Having specific bins for each type of waste.

Logistics : Grouping orders. Prioritising rail transport. Making teams aware of eco-friendly behaviour.

Recycling : Entering into partnerships with recyclers. Putting clients in touch with upcyclers. Donating materials to charities and artists.

Doublet also aims to constantly improve its corporate social responsibility. The concepts of planarchy, openness and accessibility have all been an important part of the Doublet story for many years. People lie at the heart of what we do. We also support social inclusion by employing a large number of disabled workers, as well as opening our doors to young people, schoolchildren and work experience students.

Doublet also intends to extend our sustainable development policy beyond our own walls by working with suppliers who share our values.

Sponsoring at doublet

Sponsorship has been a mainstay at Doublet for many years and has more recently involved supporting contemporary art projects.

" At Doublet, sponsorship is part of company life. The links forged between our team members and those who benefit from our sponsorship activities are unique. Being a sponsor is all about bringing new perspectives to the company, challenging our creativity and breaking out of our routines. Sponsorship results in all sorts of encounters that give our work and social commitment a new purpose. " Gaëlle Colaert-Doublet,
Chief Executive Officer - Doublet Group

Our sponsorship work is a case of providing creative design and printing services for signage or urban decoration, as well as providing support from our teams, in the spirit of dialogue and mutual learning. Examples include:.

Doublet, Fournisseur Grand Projet de lille3000

RENAISSANCE (2015) - Doublet became a major projects supplier for the 2015 Lille3000 event, RENAISSANCE, providing more than 500m2 of printed materials for the “Detroit” exhibition at the Gare Saint-Sauveur, “Rio” at the Maison Folie Wazemmes, and “Seoul” at the Tripostal.

Doublet fournit des kakémonos pour l'exposition

Château de Pierrefonds (2015) - Doublet supported the Centre des Monuments Nationaux by printing banners for the Château de Pierrefonds where the  « Armures, hennins et crinolines, costumes de scène » exhibition was held.

Festival A-PART

Festival A-PART (2014) - Doublet sponsored the Festival A-PART by supplying 324 flags, 128 of which were displayed in a field in Baux-de-Provence.

Au Panthéon ! une œuvre de JR Artist

Au Panthéon ! by JR Artist (2014) - Doublet sponsored the Centre des Monuments Nationaux by providing a banner for the Au Panthéon ! exhibition by JR Artist, installed at the famous Panthéon in Paris.

Mythiq 27

Mythiq 27 (2013) - Doublet reproduced three works from theMythiq 27 , exhibition on three different supports.

U.N Camouflage

U.N Camouflage (2013) - Doublet printed 193 flags, in camouflage mode, for the Jérôme Poggigallery. They were flown on the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor bridge in Paris.

Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Award

Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Award (2013) - Doublet supported the Centre des Monuments Nationaux by printing photos of the "Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Award", laureates, which were displayed at the Hôtel de Sully.


TRANSPARENCE ET FAUX-SEMBLANTS BY RENATE BUSER (2012) - Doublet sponsored the photographic optical illusions created by artist Renate Buser in Aigues-Mortes by producing 440 m² of visual supports.


LILLE IS FANTASTIC OPENING PARADE (2012) - Doublet joined forces with Castelbajac, Art Point M and Mr Nô to make 100 printed dresses and 3500 tunics for the opening ceremony of Lille Fantastic.


CHUUUUUTTTT !!!!!!! BY JEF AEROSOL (2011) - Doublet made two giant 350 m² stencils for Jef Aerosol CHUUUUUTTTT !!!!!!!

Fractal Flowers

Fractal Flowers (2010) - Doublet sponsored Miguel Chevalier , work “Fractal Flowers”, which was exhibited at the Tripostal as part of the Transphotographiques photography festival.

OSCAR du Mécenat

OSCAR du Mécenat - Doublet is proud to have won the 2012 Jacques Rigaud cultural sponsorship award (jointly with Neuflize). This prestigious award recognises companies that demonstrate a sincere and original commitment to the civic sphere.